Ace Financial Advisory Limited

ace-financial-advisory-logo-2We have considerable experience in sales of Small and Medium sized business and management buy-outs and related services. Our personalized service ensures we assist our clients achieve their overall goals.

We advise on a range of fund-raising options for diverse needs of our clients, which are tailor made for them. Our network of contacts will assist our clients in securing the right finance package.

Corporate Finance – Due diligence exercise

No business deal should go ahead without a proper due diligence exercise – a process that checks the target is all it claims to be or what it should be!

Our role is to review financial books and records and provide the potential investor or purchaser with critical information, either to confirm representations made or provide feedback to renegotiate the terms and conditions. We deliberately involve ourselves in the whole deal, from beginning to the end. By adopting a vigilant up-front planning approach, it enables us to stay focus on the process and cut down on irrelevant details, unnecessary costs and saving of much invaluable time. 

Corporate Finance – Valuation

The specialist area of business and share valuation can be somewhat complex. The key to an a credible valuation is an overall in-depth knowledge and understanding of recognized “commonsense” techniques and apply these techniques to the subject matter in question. This may be for tax planning purpose or sale of a business. Alternatively, it may be necessary to obtain an independent valuation due to a shareholder grievance or matrimonial dispute. Some of the benefits of an independent valuation are as follows:

  • Avoid uncertainty in dealing with valuation matters;
  • Possible potential high saving of time and money; and
  • An independent third party opinion will add credibility.


Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution

We can provide arbitrators when settling financial disputes using Alternative Dispute Resolution methods related to valuation, and other related corporate finance disputes with investors/investee.

Investment Advisory and Fund Management – The Future

We intend to apply for an Investment Advisor License and subsequently a Fund Manager license from the Capital Markets Authority in 2016 and a Fund Administrator and Fund Manager License from the Retirement Benefits Authority to enable us administer and manage retirement benefits schemes and funds in an Islamic Sharia Complaint manner. We shall also be providing personal financial planning services using sharia compliant products for individuals, including protection (medical), security (retirement), home finance, investment and tax efficiency built in the strategic plan to provide long term benefits for the individual