Ace Consultants Limited

We tailor our accounting and other consulting services  provided to meet our clients’ requirements as we understand that each client’s requirements are unique. Some of the accounting services we offer are:

(a) Book-keeping

It is vital that businesses have a system of record-keeping that delivers reliable information. We assist our clients to set up books and records relevant to their individual needs.We can offer either a complete off-site service where the book-keeping task is carried out away from the client’s offices or an on-site service provided at regular intervals.

(b) Payroll services

The requirement for payroll services comes in all types and sizes and it may vary in various degree of complexity although one can always agree that since this assignment is a monthly task, the key word is URGENT since clients’ need P.A.Y.E., N.S.S.F. & N.H.I.F. to be paid on time!

We have a dedicated team specializing in payroll assignments to provide our clients a timely and flexible service, individually tailored to each client’s requirements.

(c) Management accounting

Clients require periodic monthly accounting reports, be it weekly, monthly or quarterly, to make meaningful financial decisions. We can provide this service when called upon.

(d) Annual report and Financial Statements

We can assist with the preparation of IFRS compliant annual reports and financial statements.

(e) Internal Audit and Risk Management

We aim to prepare organizations for the evolving corporate governance, risk management and internal audit regime. To achieve this key objective, we seek to provide a wide variety of customized service solutions on internal audit to include business performance management audits advisory, consulting and corporate training.

We strongly believe that with the ever-changing landscape of the business environment, the “internal audit” function can no longer retain the traditional, transaction-based role. The need to react swiftly in today’s technology-driven, marketplace means an organization must be quick, flexible and receptive to change to enable achievement of  its strategic aims and goals.

Internal Audit has the potential to be the most influential value-added services available to the board of directors. It is crucial in identifying opportunities, risks and exposures that can determine success or failure of an organization.

We can help you transform your internal audit department by making it more risk-focused, re-aligning the internal audit effort with the inherent risks that may jeopardize the attainment of the business objectives and corporate mission.

Our role is to provide our clients with a tailored strategic approach to assist our clients to identify and understand specific operational and financial risks; to define the level of calculated risks your organization is willing to take on; and to identify and focus on the opportunities available to your organization.

 (f) Strategic Management Advisory

This services aims at providing management advise on strategic challenges faced by management of organizations and includes among others:-

  • Talent recruitment, retention and compensation advice.
  • Review and critique of marketing strategies.
  • Give local market knowledge for foreigners setting up businesses in Kenya.
  • Preparation of strategic business plans

(g) Commercial Arbitration

Many agreements and contracts provide for an arbitration clause as it is a significantly cheaper option than to litigate. We can provide professional arbitrators and support during arbitration process in commercial disputes with your suppliers, employees, customers and contractors.