Ace Associates – Certified Public Accountants a Member firm of McMillan Woods Global


Our audit approach entails that a systematic approach is designed to add value to our clients’ businesses and produce positive benefits from our procedure, in addition to regulatory compliance.

Our audit assurance service is geared to adapt and comply with the frequent and evolutionary change to meet our clients’ requirements and that of the statutory bodies. Such services also include risk assessment, brand value protection, corporate social responsibility (CSR) but most importantly the overall “reputation” risk of our client organizations needs to be assessed and every measures taken to protect its reputation. As such, we place great emphasis on quality control management and exercise integrity at all times. In order to bring efficiency and effectiveness in our audit process, we are currently implementing the use of CCH Audit Automation software.

Our audit assignments, a risk-based approach is often used to ensure our work task is of the highest value to both our clients and that of the third party’s reliance on the final report hence enabling proper judgment and decisions to be made.

Our audit approach entails the following:

  • Understand the clients business, the industry in which they operate considering the external and internal inherent risks
  • Evaluating the clients internal control systems, organizational structure and flow of accounting information
  • Draw-up audit programs which are responsive to the above.
  • We discuss our findings of weaknesses with the client and issue a management letter at the end of each audit.